Hay SOS Appeal!

June 2019

It’s that time again!


Meet Peanut, Maggie Mae, and Hope

June 2019

Read their stories!


Second Chance for Coach & Millie

February 2019

HB 552 Banning Gas Chambers

December 2018

ACTION ALERT! HB 552 Banning Gas Chambers - HB 552 is now in the Senate Agriculture Committee. This bill will ban gas chambers in shelters once and for all!

Pictures With Santa Event

December 2018


November 2018

RESCUED! Charlie was a stray who had been roaming the countryside for days with a severely broken leg.

All Alone, In Severe Pain, and Starving…

December 2017

On December 29th, we received a call for help regarding two small goats who had been abandoned in Pike County. The dog warden had found them and one was severely injured. Without hesitation, the Ohio SPCA agreed to take the goats (now named Noel and Jingle) and requested that they be transported to OSU Veterinary Hospital immediately.


From Squalor to Safety

October 2017

Animals Removed in Hoarding Case


A Special Kind of Love

September 2017

A SPECIAL KIND OF LOVE - It’s not everyday that we find homes for old horses or horses with special needs. These equines often remain with the Ohio SPCA for years and sometimes for the rest of their lives. Far too often they are passed over by perspective adopters, but Kim and Steve were different.


Melody Receives Her Wings

June 2017

After a post went viral on FB on May 12, members of the Ohio SPCA Response Team headed down early the next morning to remove two severely neglected horses in Highland County. Pictures received prior to removal did not prepare us for the reality of the condition of both horses. Melody, the mare, was in horrific condition with an open wound oozing pus and containing maggots. In her weakened state and with her head drooping, Melody made her way to the trailer with her pasture buddy, Sebastian.  As we pulled out with our precious cargo in tow, we knew the fight for survival was about to begin.


A Child’s Love

June 2017

In April 2017, the Ohio SPCA rescued 200 animals which included 30 Pugs. Hundreds of people applied to adopt these dogs. With so many wonderful people applying, it has not been an easy task to select the families. 


Hay Fund 2017

June 2017

There is nothing scarier than to have rescued animals and then wonder if you will be able to purchase hay before farmers sell out. 



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