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A Child’s Love

June 2017

In April 2017, the Ohio SPCA rescued 200 animals which included 30 Pugs. Hundreds of people applied to adopt these dogs. With so many wonderful people applying, it has not been an easy task to select the families. 


One particular family came in to meet the 6 year-old little girl we had selected for them. The mother immediately fell in love with her, but her son’s eyes were suddenly set on an older Pug in a nearby kennel. This senior girl was recovering from a skin issue and she had just one eye. We had given her the name of CeeCee. Mom talked to her young son, and he said, "I really like this dog." This mother knew her son’s heart and she didn’t want to break it. CeeCee, now named Faith, found unconditional love in the arms of a young boy that didn’t care that she wasn’t perfect. In his eyes, she was everything he wanted. As this little boy held his new friend close, there wasn’t a dry eye in the adoption center. When it seems like all we do is deal with endless inhumanity, stories like this are truly inspiring and heartwarming. Children with hearts of compassion like this young man are today’s hope for a more humane future for animals. As for Faith, we hope she has many years still with her new human companion. Love like this is a bond that cannot be broken.

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