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Did you know the Ohio SPCA has a Farm Sanctuary? Through a monthly sponsorship, you can be a part of a special animal’s life. With your help, we can continue to provide the best veterinary care and nutritional needs for the rescued farm animals in the care of the Ohio SPCA. Many of our animals are seniors and/or have special needs which require more frequent veterinary exams or special diets and medications. Your monthly donation will provide the necessary support needed for routine care and emergency medical treatment. You can click on each image to access a page with information all about that animal, including their origin stories, friendships, pictures, and even YouTube videos!

FIND YOUR FRIENDS! Horses, Cows, Goats, Sheep, Pigs,  & Pigeons!
Two pigeons, with a third outside of frame, with gray and black feathers, fly inside of an aviary.
A close up image of two pigeons inside a cage. The pigeons have irridescent purple, black, and white feathers, and reddish-brown eyes, as well as pink feet.
Seven pigeons--a gray pigeon, a black-and-white pigeon, anothe gray pigeon, a white pigeon with a gray tail, a black pigeon, a solid white pigeon with a crest, and a black-and-white spotted pigeon, perch on a naturalistic wood branch inside of an aviary.
A picture of a rescued pig at the Ohio SPCA Farm Sanctuary. The white-ish pink pig is looking right at the camera.

Pigs! $25 Monthly

A cute pink Large White pig stands in a yard with fallen leaves around him. He's looking at the camera.
A black pig roots in some fresh straw inside a barn, the straw peppering his face and body, and his snout half-hidden by the straw.
A black-and-white spotted pig rests on her side behind a fence, her big ears out to her sides.
A black potbelly pig with a bit of white in the fur along his back looks at the camera with his dark gray nose upturned.
A white potbelly pig, aka mini pig, covered in mud.
A brown sheep with white along his muzzle, ears forward, and a barn with open doors behind him, surrounded by tall grass and plants.

Sheep! $25 Monthly

A babydoll sheep in a big, green field with short grass.
A light brown hair sheep in a grassy field, with a blue sky in the background. His ears are back.
A black hair shee in a grassy field, his dark brown hair falling off in shreds, or clumps, as he sheds for the season.
Ten goats of many colors in a grassy field. Some of the goats have big horns, some have none. The closest goat is black with white spots along his body and brown stripes going down his face from eyes to nose.

Goats! $25 Monthly

A fluffy white Boer goat with big horns, brown markings on his face, and his tail up, stands in a field, with shadows stretching from his legs toward the camera.
A gray Pygmy goat, with black ticks along his fur, a black face mask, and a black leg, stands in a pen with straw against a wooden background. He has a long, gray and black beard, and angular ears.
A brown Nubian goat and two baby Nubian goats, one brown, one brown and white
A thin, tall black Nubian goat with a white blaze on his face, white beard, and white on his legs and belly looks at the camera from a pen filled with straw, wood in the background.
A gray and white goat with horns and angular ears stands on dirt, or mud, in front of a white barn with green trim.
A dark brown Nubian goat baby (kid) with white splotches across his body and white speckles along his nose and ears. A green gate in the background, connectd by fences.
A chunky Boer goat, white with brown ears and brown cheeks, nibbles hay off of the back of a vehicle, with a fence in the background, behind which we can see some trees and a white shed through the trees.
A tall, predominantly white, Nubian goat wit sme brown spots on his chest, back, and face, and one black spot on his left foreleg, stands in a pen with hay and wood in the background.
An old gray goat with a long beard and big horns inside of a pen
a spotted goat with big horns stands half in shade half in sun, floppy ear cocked. He's brown with wide gray splotches running into each other, and a dark brown stripe down his nasal bridge. His horns go out to the left and the right and just barely start to curve at the tips
A cream and brown miniature Nubian goat inside of a white shed
A buff brown Nubian goat with big horns and darker brown markings
Two baby Boer goats, brown with white moonspotting. One has horns, one doesn't

Cows! $50 Monthly

Dark brown steer with big horns inside of a run-in
A brown horse runs through a field

Horses! $50 Monthly

Light brown Jersey steer with horns in a green field
A Palamino horse mare by a white barn
A white appaloosa mare with small brown spots
A brown miniature mare with black mane, tail, and legs
A brown mini horse mare with black mane, black tail, and white along her face

Dogs & Cats!  $25 Monthly

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