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A Special Kind of Love

September 2017

A SPECIAL KIND OF LOVE - It’s not everyday that we find homes for old horses or horses with special needs. These equines often remain with the Ohio SPCA for years and sometimes for the rest of their lives. Far too often they are passed over by perspective adopters, but Kim and Steve were different.


When they arrived at the Ohio SPCA foster barn, Kim and Steve wanted to meet horses that no one else wanted. In the last six months, they had lost two equine companions at the ages of 32 and 38 and their 33 year-old gelding was lonely. Such life-long commitment and excellent care told us that we had a family who would love an old horse until he/she passed away.


Kim and Steve spent time meeting Sophie, Chester (who is blind), Sierra, and Sebastian who all ranged in age from 25 to 30 years. Each horse had a story to tell, a story of starvation, abusive handling, or abandonment. Kim and Steve talked about each horse’s needs and about horses they had loved and lost. As they finished visiting with the horses, we talked about the horses they might want to foster or adopt. Much to our amazement and joy, they wanted to adopt all four! Ten days later, we transported our precious passengers to their new 60-acre home. Each horse had a huge stall prepared for them. As we pulled away with an empty horse trailer, we knew that Sophie, Chester, Sierra, and Sebastian had hit the jackpot. They were finally home! We are beyond grateful to Kim and Steve for opening their hearts and home. Theirs is a SPECIAL KIND OF LOVE!


All four horses are doing great in their new home. Thank you, Kim and Steve!

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