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It’s a Fine Line

December 2015

The Ohio SPCA responds to cases of animal hoarding monthly. Our goal is to help the animals and as a result help the persons involved.



Depending on the circumstances, all or the majority of the animals are removed. If a few animals are left, then the person is monitored. Of course, we make sure that those animals are spayed and neutered. Many times people think they are doing the right thing when they start taking in a large number of stray and abandoned cats. However, the cost of medical care, litter, and food is costly. All too often, it is one person trying to keep a house or building clean. It doesn’t take long for the situation to get out of control. In this situation, the cats had been fixed, but many were sick and living in filth. Sadly, this results in animals being sick and living among their own waste. Unaltered animals breed and the population grows. It’s a fine line between rescuing and hoarding. Excuses are often made for animals not being adopted. “They love me. They need me.” The psychological reasons behind hoarding are complex and can stem from childhood or traumatic life events.

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