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December 2015

Cider’s story is a sad one. This little miniature horse lived all alone in a pasture until someone contacted the Ohio SPCA. For approximately two years, Cider’s hooves had not been trimmed.



Ohio SPCA cruelty investigators arrived at the property along with a sheriff deputy. Cider’s caretakers agreed to surrender him to the Ohio SPCA. In the dark and with hooves cutting into his legs, Cider slowly walked the short and painful distance to the trailer that would be his transport to freedom. Cider’s road to recovery began as Dr. Chris Beinlich at Woodland Run Equine Veterinary Center used a hacksaw to cut years of growth from his hooves. For the first time in a long time, this little gelding can walk and trot without pain. He is learning how to run and be a horse again. This sweet gelding will be available for adoption in a couple of months! There is no excuse for such neglect of any animal. Evidence will be presented to the county prosecutor in hopes of charges being filed. 


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