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August 2015

When a passerby noticed two skinny horses hidden in a corral behind tall vegetation, she immediately contacted the Ohio SPCA. A county humane officer was then sent to the property to investigate the cruelty complaint. Upon arrival, the officer knew without a doubt that the equines were in trouble and in danger of dying. They were literally walking skeletons covered with skin. The owner surrendered the horses to the Ohio SPCA and within hours, EJ and Toby were loaded onto a trailer. 


Toby was in worse condition than EJ, but neither horse had any fat or muscle stores left. For the first couple of days, there was hope that both horses would survive. However, Toby was weak and he was soon unable to stand. His body temperature dropped and there was no hope for recovery. This sweet gelding had been starved to the point that his body utilized the fat deposits covering all of his organs. Surrounded by Ohio SPCA volunteers, the humane officer, and in the hands of a caring veterinarian, Toby’s life slipped away. For Toby, help arrived too late. 


We continue to travel the long road to recovery with EJ. Although she is dangerously emaciated, EJ continues to fight to live. She is in a wonderful foster home. Despite suffering severe abuse and neglect, this mare has such a gentle spirit.  Updates will be posted as the cruelty case moves forward and EJ recovers. We look forward to sharing pictures with you, as this sweet senior once again runs through green pastures. 


And remember… when you see animal cruelty, report it! Your voice can be the difference between life and death.

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