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All Alone, In Severe Pain, and Starving…

December 2017

On December 29th, we received a call for help regarding two small goats who had been abandoned in Pike County. The dog warden had found them and one was severely injured. Without hesitation, the Ohio SPCA agreed to take the goats (now named Noel and Jingle) and requested that they be transported to OSU Veterinary Hospital immediately.


Once the boys arrived at OSU, we were shocked at the extensive injury and damage to Noel’s left hind leg. In addition to both goats being underweight, Noel’s leg was severely infected, swollen, and bleeding. Radiographs confirmed that infection had destroyed bones in his leg, and therefore saving the lower leg was not an option. A surgeon determined that the leg could be amputated just below the knee and Noel fitted with a prosthetic leg or the entire leg removed. Like dogs and cats, Noel would do fine with just three legs. Loosing his leg is a far better option than losing his life. However, we have elected to give the prosthetic a try in order to provide Noel with better balance and less weight on his other hind leg as he plays and browses in pastures. Noel and Jingle are young goats and they have years ahead of them to spend time running and playing in green pastures. We can only imagine what these two little guys have been through. We know for sure that they were hungry, all alone, and Noel had been suffering for a very long time. Both boys have been castrated and Noel’s surgery went well! Best of all, they are safe and warm and have busy munching on hay since they arrived at the hospital. Noel and Jingle will remain at OSU while Noel heals. In three weeks, he will get his new leg! We can't wait to see Noel run again. Will you help us make that happen?

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