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At the Edge of Death - Ruby's Story

January 2017

Ruby’s story is one of heartbreaking survival.


After receiving a cruelty complaint about a dog that was extremely skinny and perhaps very pregnant, Ohio SPCA Executive Director Teresa Landon requested that a representative of the Scioto Area Humane Society visit the property. No one at the home answered the door. The physical condition of a chained mother dog and her surviving pup was horrific. The dog (now named Ruby) and her pup were immediately seized, transported to a local veterinarian, and put into the care of the Ohio SPCA. 


On January 5th, members of the Ohio SPCA Response Team transported Ruby to MedVet in Columbus in order to save her life. The attending emergency veterinarian scored Ruby’s body condition at a 1 out of 9. Her muscle and fat stores were depleted. She was anemic, had a high white blood cell count, and was vomiting. Ruby was immediately placed on IV fluids. Despite very small feedings and IV fluids, Ruby continued to vomit. All we could do was wait and give her more time in the ICU at MedVet.


As Ruby clung to life and fought to live, her story was covered by multiple news stations. It is a story we see all too often and not always with a happy ending. However, RUBY MADE IT! There is no doubt that she and her tiny pup would not have survived another 24 hours in freezing temperatures without food and water.  


Because Ruby was so sick, her pup remained with the Scioto County veterinarian and was bottle-fed. This decision was deemed to be the best one in order for mom and pup to both survive. Ruby’s pup is thriving and at 8 weeks of age will be adopted by the veterinarian who has been bottle-feeding her around the clock. 


Ruby’s owner surrendered her and her pup to the Ohio SPCA. The case has been sent to the Scioto County prosecutor and we have requested a felony charge of animal cruelty. As you read this story, Ruby is finally ready to leave the hospital. She has months of rehabilitation ahead of her. Not only did Ruby suffer physically, she is also scarred emotionally. She is demonstrating negative behaviors after nearly a decade of life at the end of a chain. She has lived a solitary life void of human touch, adequate food, and of course no toys. 


The Ohio SPCA will continue to travel the road of recovery with Ruby. We won’t give up on her. In addition to Ruby’s continuing care and training, we are faced with a very large medical bill. We need your help! 

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