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November 2016

It was late at night when we received a call from Officer Thompson, a Lima police officer.


He had just picked up a little 4 month-old Pit Bull pup that had been dumped in someone’s yard. “She needs help now. I don’t think she will make it until morning.” Officer Thompson was instructed to rush the shivering pup to the West Central Veterinary Emergency Clinic. Upon examination, the attending veterinarian found that this little girl was emaciated. Her body score was 1 out of 9. She was severely dehydrated and her stomach was as hard as a rock. Fluids were administered immediately and she was wrapped in blankets. We are happy to report that this sweet girl, named Anna by Officer Thompson, is in a foster home recovering. Quick action by Officer Thompson, great vet care, and funding by our supporters meant life to this little pup. Team work makes a difference in the lives of so many animals.

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