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HOOVES ARE POUNDING and OUR HATS ARE OFF TO JOHN WALL, INC. (HORSERAIL.COM)! When we asked them for help on horse and livestock fencing, they responded with a donation of 27,000 feet of HOTCOTE! Additionally, this generous company donated corner insulators and splicers! So far, one new horse pasture has been completed on the OHIO SPCA Rehabilitation Farm and a line of Hotcote was added to thousands of feet of perimeter fence. In the near future, we will be fencing in an additional 8 acres for horses. Hotcote is an extremely safe and durable fence for all animals, and preferred by thousands of horse owners. We can't thank them enough for helping us create safe pastures for our rescued animals.  A HUGE thank you to John Wall, owner of, for his generosity and to Craig Iams, Plant Manager, who patiently worked with us on the details of footage and hardware needed. Your compassion for horses will be evident for years, as horses arrive to be rehabiltated and given a second chance in life.


Please visit their website - If you have horses, they can provide you with fencing that will last for years. Their products are awesome. You can also visit them on Facebook - LET THEM KNOW HOW MUCH THEIR SUPPORT OF THE OHIO SPCA IS  APPRECIATED!



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