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Too Many Cats

April 5, 2015

Too Many Cats - Far too often the Ohio SPCA is called in to help in hoarding situations involving felines. In one week’s time, the Ohio SPCA Response Team was on-the-ground to remove cats and Guinea pigs from two different homes. Approximately 50 cats were removed, immediately quarantined, and treated for Calicivirus, upper respiratory infections, and parasites. The conditions in the homes were unfit for animals or humans with high ammonia levels and rooms full of feces. Many of the cats were very sick and for some help came too late. 



Hoarding is a symptom of a mental illness and often traumatic events or a significant loss in a person’s life leads them to begin acquiring animals. Such individuals are blind to the suffering they end up causing to themselves and the animals they harbor. Good intentions are not enough when someone cannot care for a large number of animals. 

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