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Needless Loss of Life

April 2016

During two recent investigations, our humane officers discovered emaciated deceased dogs in Lima, Ohio.



They were discarded like trash. Necropsies were done on both dogs and starvation was evident. The first dog, a small black terrier mix approx. 6 months-old, was found in a trash pile behind the Richelieu Apts. on Brookhaven Drive. The second dog was a tan pit bull pup approx. 6 to 8 months-old. This dog had multiple wounds and was found dumped in a storage container in the alley behind homes on Prospect and Eureka. To date, no leads have been received, so that justice can be obtained for these innocent defenseless pups.


Our humane officers and animal cruelty investigators are on the ground daily investigating reports of animal abuse and neglect. It is heartbreaking work, but they are dedicated and compassionate individuals.

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