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6 week-old Sparky Needs Surgery -  Sparky was found as a feral kitten with part of of one leg missing. The bone is exposed, so the rest of his leg must be amputated. When an Ohio SPCA volunteer picked him up, we knew there wasn't much "feral" about this kitten. He hissed a few times and then decided he liked being held. Our vet bills have exceeded $5,000. If we are to continue to respond when animals need help, we must have emergency vet funds.

Meet Sunny the Rooster! This colorful character recently joined the Ohio SPCA farm family. He was living in downtown Columbus and was not in the best of places for his safety. He was missing multiple feathers and had wounds on his head. Sunny could have been purchased for illegal cockfighting. However, he is safe forever now.

A huge THANK YOU to Hal & Al's for welcoming the Ohio SPCA and providing an opportunity for us to raise much needed funds. The event was a success and we look forward to another evening in the future. Music was provided by CityFolk and everyone enjoyed their talent. Thank you, CityFolk for donating your time and talent to help the Ohio SPCA. 

UPDATE: Look at Danny now! Although, the road to recovery was long, Danny is healthy once again. It is pure joy to watch this beautiful boy run once again.


IN THE BEGINNING: Daniel is a big boy, but he needs to gain hundreds of pounds. Danny was adopted to an Ohio family by an out-of-state horse rescue. Due to the distance, on site follow-up inspections were not conducted. Yesterday, the OHIO SPCA removed Danny from the adoptive home for violations of standards of care mandated in the rescue's adoption contract. It has been decided that Danny will remain with the OHIO SPCA and spend the rest of his life on the Farm Sanctuary. Despite the fact that Danny's father was an Anheuser-Busch stallion, he ended up in the hands of a kill buyer in 2008. Danny's travels are over. He is home!

February 24, 2013

On February 24, 2013, the OHIO SPCA in conjunction with the Miami County Humane Society removed over 100 animals from the property being used by Serenity Horse Rescue.  Many of the animals were in very poor condition due to lack of proper nutrition and medical care. Members of the OHIO SPCA Response Team set up a triage barn for the horses, arranged for foster homes, and then numbered and photographed the animals before they were removed and transported to safety. Thirty-seven counts of animal cruelty were filed against the operator of Serenity Horse Rescue by Sharon Karns, Humane Agent for Miami County. 


 In addition to 23 horses and donkeys, dogs, goats, sheep, alpacas, pigs, ducks, rabbits, turkeys, chickens, pigeons, geese, and a Jersey calf were removed. Many of these animals are under the direct care of the Ohio SPCA. The sheep, goats, and rabbits have given birth adding an additional 20 animals. Their medical care and feed is costly. 

HOOVES ARE POUNDING and OUR HATS ARE OFF TO JOHN WALL, INC. (HORSERAIL.COM)! When we asked them for help on horse and livestock fencing, they responded with a donation of 27,000 feet of HOTCOTE! Additionally, this generous company donated corner insulators and splicers! So far, one new horse pasture has been completed on the OHIO SPCA Rehabilitation Farm and a line of Hotcote was added to thousands of feet of perimeter fence. In the near future, we will be fencing in an additional 8 acres for horses. Hotcote is an extremely safe and durable fence for all animals, and preferred by thousands of horse owners. We can't thank them enough for helping us create safe pastures for our rescued animals.  A HUGE thank you to John Wall, owner of, for his generosity and to Craig Iams, Plant Manager, who patiently worked with us on the details of footage and hardware needed. Your compassion for horses will be evident for years, as horses arrive to be rehabiltated and given a second chance in life.


Please visit their website - If you have horses, they can provide you with fencing that will last for years. Their products are awesome. You can also visit them on Facebook - LET THEM KNOW HOW MUCH THEIR SUPPORT OF THE OHIO SPCA IS  APPRECIATED!

North Ridgeville, Ohio - The Ohio Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OHIOSPCA) is requesting that North Ridgeville Humane Officer Barry Accorti immediately be relieved of his duties as a “humane officer” and be charged with five counts of animal cruelty. On June 10, 2013, while responding to a call regarding a feral mother cat and her kittens who had taken up residence in a woodpile on a homeowner’s patio, Accorti shot and killed five eight-to-ten-week old kittens.

Update: Fairfield County Agrees to Stop Gassing Dogs. 


We have a victory for the animals of Fairfield county

723 Counts of Animal Cruelty Filed in Alleged Puppy Mill Case


Maplewood, Ohio: Dave and Rhonda Auton, owners of Pedigree Pets in Maplewood, Ohio and their son, Adam Auton, have each been charged with 241 counts of cruelty to animals. The alleged puppy mill was raided on Saturday, November 17, 2012 after Deputy Cami Frey completed her investigation. Dogs and puppies were found living in horrid conditions and many are seriously ill, emaciated, and have infections and wounds.

October 1,2012

Tarlton, Ohio - The Ohio Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OHIO SPCA) in conjunction with the Pickaway County Sheriff’s Dept. removed 50 dogs from a puppy mill in Tarlton on Monday.  After receiving a complaint, OHIO SPCA investigators visited the property and then contacted the Pickaway County Sheriff’s Dept. “Some of the dogs were so matted that their breed could not be determined,” stated Teresa Landon, OHIO SPCA Director.

Members of the OHIO SPCA Response Team took action after receiving a cruelty call on a starving horse. Once at the property it was clear the horse was near death and needed immediate attention. The owner made the right decision to surrender the horse into the custody of the OHIO SPCA. He is being cared for at Woodland Run Equine Veterinary Facility. We can be assured that everything will be done to save this boy's life. We do know that his body temp is below normal. There is no fatty tissue left on his body and the muscle has wasted. His care will be expensive and we need your help.


This will be a long and hard recovery, we will do everything to save his life. 

The OHIO SPCA is a recipient of a 10K Chase Community Giving grant! We want to thank our dedicated FB friends! We watched as you voted, shared, and tweeted for us. Day after day, you were there for us. It warms our hearts to know that we have such wonderful TRUE supporters. We couldn't have done it without you! THANK YOU from the volunteers and the animals!

On February 16th, 2013, the OHIO SPCA removed the old gas chamber at the Highland County Dog Pound. The gas chamber had NOT been used since 2009, but its existence served as a sad reminder to staff and volunteers of the countless dogs that suffered and died inside it. As members of the OHIO SPCA Response Team moved the gas chamber out of the dog pound, the harsh reality of death in a gas box was in full view. Gas boxes are dirty little secrets often hid in back rooms or closets. We thank the Highland County Commissioners for granting our request that the gas chamber finally be removed from their dog pound.

July 14, 2012

A HUGE thank you to the Lycan Society Riders Assoc. for putting their hearts and souls into today's Poker Run and Bike Show. The weather did not cooperate, but the day was still a success. With poker run and bike show entries, t-shirts sold, raffles, auctioned items, and donations, over $900 dollars was raised to feed and vet the OHIO SPCA animals!!! Our hearts are warmed by the compassion demonstrated. We love you guys! 

OHIO SPCA Demands End to Gassing at Hocking County Dog Shelter


Update: Lawsuit Filed!


The OHIO SPCA has filed a lawsuit against Hocking County. They had the chance to make a humane decision, and they failed to do so.

UPDATE: After nearly dying, fighting off several infections, and surgery on his withers, Little Ben made it! He was recently adopted and now has that special someone to love him for the rest of his life. IN THE BEGINNING: He is a 10 month old Belgian/Percheron cross and is severely emaciated. Ben cannot be on rich pasture yet, so we are walking him several times a day for 15 minutes.  He is an absolute doll-baby. We are in need of sponsors and donations for his veterinary care, castration, and feed. Please consider helping us with this sweet baby's recovery. We can only help animals with the support of a caring public. Every dollar makes a difference!

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