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A striped goat with big horns leans in as a worker pets them
A very skinny goat inside of a pen, rescued by the Ohio SPCA in August, 2022

Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster, the third goat rescued from a neglect case in Northern Ohio in 2022, along with Billie and Toast, was by far the worst off. He was extremely skinny with a body score of approximately one and a horribly contracted tendon in his foreleg. The contracted leg is pretty much useless and will never extend past where it is. However, he’s a great eater, and, to our surprise, he can not only walk on his three working legs--he can run like the wind. Since August 2022, he’s put on a lot of weight and muscle, and he’s slowly building confidence. He warms up to most people, especially if they give him treats--animal crackers, nilla wafers, or bananas.


>Goats tend to show affection through direct eye contact.

String Bean in 2023, inside of a pen. Spotted brown and darker brown with big horns
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