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About Billie

Billie (so named for the many singers named "Billie") was rescued along with Toast and String Bean in August, 2022. She was in okay condition body-wise, just a little thin but, due to severely overgrown hooves, she has a contracted tendon in one of her front legs (you can see the front leg on the right in the picture is slightly bent). She can walk on it some, but it will never fully extend due to the neglect she suffered. She had some trouble acclimating to the herd, but Jam fell in love with her from the start. After some persistence, Jam and Jelly  became her best buds, and sometimes she plays with Daisy or Snowbaby. She has QUITE the voice and isn’t afraid to use it if she sees fit!


>Goat horns have nerves and blood vessels!

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