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About Toast

Toast, aka Burnt Toast, was among the three goats (Billie, String Bean) we rescued from horrible conditions in Allen County, Ohio, August of 2022. He was the healthiest of the three, yet he still had ridiculously overgrown hooves, some old ear scars, and a high parasite load. Toast is a super buff, sweet boy. Due to his size and being castrated so late in life, we weren’t sure he would be accepted by the main herd (bucks castrated late in life retain a lot of buck characteristics)--so we put him with Jingle, a goat who’s been alone for a long time because he doesn’t play well with the main herd. This is the first goat we’ve rescued in a while who was confident and strong enough to put up with Jingle. Toast immediately put the rambunctious Jingle in his place. After, the two bonded instantly. They’ll even groom each other! Toast is a gentle giant who loves people, treats, and his best friend, Jingle.


>Goats have 32 teeth (the same number as humans)!

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