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About Boop

We rescued Boop (the smaller sheep in the second photo) in 2014 along with her mother, Betty (not pictured), as a part of a larger rescue from the Ross County Swap Days. Betty had a body score of 1 out of 9. Betty and her baby spent a couple of weeks at OSU Vet Hospital before coming to live at the Ohio SPCA Farm Sanctuary. Betty and Bismarck (the bigger sheep in the second photo), a sweet sheep rescued from a group of over a hundred animals who were severely neglected and deprived of veterinary care, have since passed from old age, but Boop is still with us. She lives with Patrick and Jellybean, our two hair sheep, who all share a big pasture with our many rescued goats. Betty is a Babydoll sheep, like her mom–a breed of sheep known for their thick wool and adorable faces. Boop doesn’t care so much for the goats, but she’s stuck at the hip to Patrick and Jellybean. She enjoys grazing, eating animal crackers, and eating hay. We never breed, slaughter, or work the farm animals we save. We’re lucky to have Boop, and she’s lucky to have a safe place to live out the rest of her days.


>Goats & sheep' horizontal eye structure gives them incredible panorama view of their surroundings!

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