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A black hairsheep lamb, Jellybean
Two rescued sheep, Patrick and Jellybean, stand in a pasture at the Ohio SPCA Farm Sanctuary. Patrick is orange brown, Jellybean black and dark brown with white on top of his head and two white socks on his hindlegs

About Jellybean

In April 9th, 2019, we received a call from Jackson County, Ohio about a lamb who’d escaped a local slaughterhouse. Jellybean ran scared and wild for over two months; local residents in the county set up food and shelter for him in their carport, but that was no permanent solution. The Ohio SPCA rescue team used a clever combination of hay, treats, and gates to capture this traumatized lamb. They lured him into the carport (a place he was already comfortable with) and closed the gate around them. The rescue team then carefully haltered the panicked Jellybean and transported him home to the Ohio SPCA Farm Sanctuary, where, following a quarantine period, he acclimated to the sheep and goat herd, becoming best friends with our other sheep. Now, Jellybean still doesn’t quite trust humans, but he understands we won’t hurt him. He’s safe and loved. He enjoys grazing with his best friends and eating animal crackers.


>Sheep press together as close to each other as they can when they feel threatened. Unlike goats, which are social animals, sheep are herd animals, which feel safer in large groups.

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