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About Patrick

We rescued Patrick in March, 2016. This sweet boy was bottle-raised after being rejected by his mother. The farmer was just going to let nature take its course and Patrick would have died quickly. A good Samaritan scooped him up and brought him to us so we could bottle raise him. Patrick is now seven years old (2023). Hair sheep have a lifespan like that of dogs, around 10-15, so Patrick is still young. We look forward to many more years with Patrick! He is a very cuddly, affectionate sheep. He's good with strangers and loves attention. Animal crackers are his favorite treats.


>WOOL is not natural--it's something we selectively bred for over thousands of years until sheep' natural coat, which sheds regularly, became a dense structure that MUST be shorn in order to come off (hair sheep breeds still shed their hair normally)

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