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About Toto

In 2015, young Toto escaped a goat breeder and ran loose for over a month in southern Ohio. He frequented someone’s back deck, but wouldn’t let them near him. He wanted nothing to do with people. Toto outsmarted the Ohio SPCA workers for hours on end, until they finally managed to grab him, load him up, and take him to the Farm Sanctuary. Toto was standoffish at first. It took months to earn his trust, but now, in 2023, Toto is a very sweet, loving goat. He’s a bit shy with strangers, and when it’s time to trim his hooves, we see the ghost of the Toto who ran loose for months and outsmarted us for hours, but all-in-all he’s well adjusted. Dancer is his best friend. Dancer has to have his own pen at the end of the day so he doesn’t have to compete for food, so Toto will sleep up next to the gate of Dancer’s pen.


>Goats chew sideways!

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