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brown dog rescued injured before and after lucille lucy ohio spca
a small brown dog and a brown jersey calf; the calf sniffs at the dog with his ears up ohio SPCA farm sanctuary

Lucille with Bam Bam

About Lucille

Late one night at 11:30 p.m., we received a call from a distraught couple sitting in a van with an injured dog. The 7-month-old pup had been struck by a vehicle. The good Samaritans spent their last $70 dollars at an emergency clinic only to walk away with some pain medication--all the vets would give them for what little money they had on hand. They were informed that the puppy, now named Lucille, had fractured a hip and broken a leg--and her lungs were collapsing. For two hours, they emailed and called everyone while the puppy rested,  barely breathing and covered in blankets. No help was offered until they called the Ohio SPCA. We immediately directed them to transport Lucille to MedVet in Cincinnati. After costly major surgery (over $6,000!) and a long rehabilitation, Lucille can run like the wind. Lucille is one of the lucky ones. She gets to live out her life on the Farm Sanctuary with a big fenced yard and a few best friends, including Marley (third picture).

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