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A brown jersey steer calf eats some hay (Bam Bam) while a gray horned goat (Jingle) stands in the background in the goat barn at the Ohio SPCA Farm Sanctuary
A cute jersey steer calf (Bam Bam) in the snow sticking out his tongue with a blue halter at the Ohio SPCA Farm Sanctuary
A jersey steer with horns and hay on top of his head close up to camera at Ohio SPCA Farm Sanctuary (Bam Bam)
A jersey steer (Bam Bam) with horns in a green pasture being pet Ohio SPCA Farm Sanctuary

About Bam Bam

Bam Bam, our Jersey steer, was a cast off of the dairy industry. We rescued him when he was four months old from conditions that weren’t ideal. He was destined to be slaughtered for meat by his first year (at most; veal calves are killed before they're five months old!). Instead, he gets to live out his life with his new best friend, BoBeau! These two absolutely love each other, despite having such different personalities. They’re always right next to each other in the pasture. They love to lay cuddled up together and lick each other. Bam Bam has a special bond with one of our regular volunteers, who helped raise him (he thinks she's his Mom!).


>Jersey cows are one of the oldest dairy cattle breeds in the world!

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