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About Danny

Danny Boy came to us in 2012. He was originally produced at a ranch that supplied Clydesdales for Budweiser, then he ended up at a kill buyer's lot, where an out-of-state horse rescue saved him from slaughter and adopted him out to a woman in Ohio. This woman proceeded to severely neglect him. The original rescuers made no follow-up. When we got the call about Danny, he was hundreds of pounds underweight, and covered in skin conditions. It was a long road to recovery for our Danny Boy, but we took him in, fed him, gave him the veterinary care he needed, and saw him blossom. Danny developed arthritis and Equine Cushing’s that we managed with medication for many years. He lived to be twenty-six years old. In late winter, 2023, old age finally caught up to Danny, and he passed away in his barn, surrounded by the Ohio SPCA workers who had loved him for so many years, following his pasture mate of almost a decade, Ginger, who died suddenly a year before Danny. You can watch a playlist of all of our videos featuring Danny here!


>The Clydesdale has around since about 1826

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