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About Ginger

Ginger was rescued in 2014 along with many other horses from a so-called "rescuer/flipper" in Pike County, Ohio. Officials refused to charge this woman with animal cruelty despite having ample evidence. Ginger was severely emaciated and had untreated COPD, aka Heaves, which left her struggling for breath. People considered her to be a “trash horse” since she couldn’t be ridden. We took her in and, after some extensive rehabilitation, introduced her to our rescue Clydesdale, Danny. The two bonded immediately and, until Ginger’s heartbreaking and unexpected passing in February, 2022, were inseparable. We were able to manage Ginger’s COPD with simple lifestyle changes–a barn where she could come and go outside as she wished, good hay free of mold or dust, and hay laid out on the ground rather than bunched up somewhere she’d have to stick her nose in to eat. Ginger later developed cancer in one eye. We removed it through surgery and she recovered well; she was back to her old self. But then, in February, 2022, Ginger suddenly died. She didn’t struggle. The most likely cause was some kind of unexpected, quick heart failure or aneurysm. She was laid to rest right outside the barn she and Danny shared for nearly a decade.


>The palomino horse coat color isn't a single genetic mutation, but several, meaning foals from palomino parents may not come out fully palomino!

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