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About BoBeau

We rescued BoBeau in 2017 when he was four years old. He was being kept on a rope surrounded by nothing but mud–no grass, no hay, not even water. He was emaciated and dehydrated. He’s a Jersey steer (we think; his dark color is rare for a Jersey) who people have said looks like a bison! BoBeau is a true gentle giant. He’s curious and friendly, but always gives humans their space. Until 2021, BoBeau shared a pasture with his best friend, Bambi. Bambi died at eight years old in 2021, and for a while, BoBeau was all alone. Until we rescued Bam Bam! BoBeau had to wait a few months for Bam Bam to be big enough to join him. It was awful hearing them moo for each other from across the farm, but Bam Bam was only a few months old when we took him in; too small and young to go out in a huge pasture, even with protective BoBeau by his side. Once Bam Bam was finally big enough and we let them meet, it was love at first sight. They spent probably a full hour straight licking each other's faces. Where BoBeau is gentle, Bam Bam is rambunctious. Where BoBeau keeps a respectful distance, Bam Bam likes to get right behind you and follow you through the pasture. Yet these two sweet boys get along great. Since introducing him to Bam Bam, BoBeau’s energy and mood have improved… Sometimes he’ll even race the UTV alongside fencelines! Bam Bam and BoBeau will sleep side-by-side, graze together, moo for each other if one of them gets too far away, and even play together. BoBeau knows he’s big; he’s very gentle when he plays with Bam Bam, who’s still small but will, in the next few years, get at least as big as BoBeau.


>Cows need friends!

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