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Two potbelly pigs Wilbur and Orville (white, black) bathe in the sun inside of a barn at the Ohio SPCA Farm Sanctuary

About Wilbur & Orville

We rescued these two grumpy boys in 2013. They were adopted from an out-of-state rescue, until their brand-new owners called us less than 24 hours later to take them because baby Wilbur and Orville were “too loud.” We gladly took them in. Potbelly pigs can make great pets, but they’re not dogs, and they’re not for the faint of heart. Yes, they’re loud. Yes, they dig. They need regular hoof trimmings, a good diet, a warm barn, and space to run, play, AND DIG. Because they will dig. You can’t stop them.


Wilbur (white) and Orville (black) are unique characters. They love treats. Wilbur will probably let you pet him for a treat, and if he really likes you, he’ll let you pet his belly… for free. Orville will take treats from you, but he very rarely lets strangers pet him. That’s okay. He’s not mean, just ornery. If he doesn’t want to be pet, he’ll affect his best impression of a wounded toddler, grumble, and run away. See Wilbur & Orville on YouTube.


>According to one source, a 250lb pig can lift a car with their snout!

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