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About Our Pigeons

Our pigeons come from various situations, such as hoarding cases, neglect, and cases where domesticated, pet pigeons were purchased for target practice. In 2022, we fundraised for $10,000 to rebuild their old aviary following unfortunate weasel attacks. We are still trying to recoup that cost (donate here). Pigeons are incredibly intelligent, social animals. They can recognize and remember faces, learn to count, and they mate for life! You can see a brief video touring our aviary here.


>Pigeons never forget a face!

>Pigeons can learn to count!

                 >(video here)

>Wild pigeons don't exist in America--only feral ones!

A white pigeon with a crest stands on a perch, head titlted at the camera, while twelve pigeons sit on a perch behind him, in colors ranging from black, white, black and white, to gray.
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