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a scruffy gray goat with big curled horns in a pen looking at camera (Gruffy) at the Ohio SPCA Farm Sanctuary straw hay
Gruffy in the barnyard Ohio SPCA Farm Sanctuary, Gruffy is a scruffy gray goat with a beard and big curved horns, by a tree with grass around him

About Gruffy

Gruffy was with the Ohio SPCA from the start. He was a part of one of our first rescues, when we seized 250 goats from a heinous situation in Southern Ohio back in 2006. We adopted out most of those goats to great homes, but 33 of them--especially those with big, proud horns like Gruffy--could not find homes, and instead stayed at the Farm Sanctuary to live out their days. Gruffy was one of those goats. Gruffy lived to the ripe old age of 22, when he sadly passed away from old age. He was a proud, beautiful old man.


>Goats tested on a novel task (manipulating a lever to access prized food inside of a box) not only performed well, but remembered how to perform the task 10 months afterwards

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