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Mercer County Stops Gassing with Engine Exhaust and Improves Conditions




Since September 2002, change was slow in this Mercer County and the Ohio SPCA still received complaints about crowded conditions and dogs attacking one another. Teresa Landon, Ohio SPCA director, recently received an update from Debra Farrell, Volunteer – Open Arms Pound Rescue of Ohio. There have been improvements to the facility and the dog warden, Tom Powell, goes out of his way to help save the dogs and work with rescues. Keep up the good work Mercer County!


Debra Farrell reports:


In addition to the pens he’s always had, Tom now has 11 new kennels on 

concrete inside his building.  He is AWESOME to work with rescues.  He will deliver dogs anywhere in the immediate area to help out a rescue.  For example, he will transport dogs from the pound to the vet clinic.  This is a wonderful help for out of the area rescues.


Since October of 2006, only approximately eight dogs from Mercer have been euthanized, and those were aggressive dogs.  ALL of the other dogs (so far) have gotten out to rescue, been adopted, or returned to their owners, thanks to Tom and a good group of rescue volunteers. Tom’s estimate of how many dogs moved out in 12 months was a minimum of 300.


Here is the deal…the vet clinic that does the I.V. euthanization gives the 

County a price break.  They charge only for the medicine used, and a very 

small office call charge.


Adopting out the dogs/sending them to rescue has increased the revenue for the pound.  Instead of spending money to euthanize them, they pull in the pound fee for each dog that goes out.  For example, instead of having to spend $10 a dog times 300 to kill them, they brought in whatever 300 times $22.00 is.  In other words, working to help the animals and cooperating with rescues is profitable. Most politicians understand that.


Contact info:


Tom Powell, Mercer County Dog Warden

7009 St. Rt. 49

Celina, Ohio 45822

419 942 1550


We have another victory for the animals!




The Mercer County Commissioners announced today that dogs at the county pound will no longer be gassed in boxes using engine exhaust.


This was a long awaited decision and long overdue. Dogs will now be killed by lethal injection by a local veterinarian. Other improvements are also in progress. Injured animals will be transported directly to the veterinarian clinic, additional holding pens are being built, and signs are being posted for the pound.


We would like to thank the Mercer County Commissioners for taking the “high road”, considering more than just legal obligation, considering moral and ethical issues of the plight of the animals in Mercer County, and working with us to make these much needed changes.









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