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Buddy: 20 minutes before I was to be gassed, I was rescued! Not only did the Ohio SPCA save me, but they stopped the gassing at my county dog pound.


Franklin County Agrees to Stop Gassing Dogs... Marks the Beginning of COUNTY POUND REFORM


In 2001, after holding a vigil at the Franklin County Dog Shelter, the director of the Ohio SPCA (then known as the Ohio Humane Education Assoc.), met with former Franklin County Commissioner and State Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy. Kilroy wanted to know what changes and improvements the Ohio SPCA wanted at the dog shelter. Our first request was the removal of the gas chamber. Ten days later, the gas chamber was removed.


The Ohio SPCA would soon find out that county commissioners in rural areas would not be as receptive to change. The battle for county pound reform had begun. 









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