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A Nubian goat leans through a green gate. White with brown on its face and a small white beard
A white an brown Nubian goat in the back of a vehicle

About Snowbaby

Snowbaby was running loose in Ohio in 2020, where we found him surviving near a creek on someone’s property. But as Snowbaby grew, he got big. He’s no pygmy goat, he’s a Nubian, a largeish breed of goat that stands around 30” taller (or more) and grows to be 175+ pounds. Property owners were intimidated by him and not equipped to care for a pet goat, so we took him in and gave him a home at the Ohio SPCA Farm Sanctuary. Snowbaby is rather tall, but he’s an incredibly sweet animal. Ruby took him in as her own and, in 2022, Snowbaby bonded with Jam and Jelly. He’s still close to Ruby and her kids, but rambunctious, goofy brothers Jam and Jelly are permanently glued to Snowbaby’s side. (Watch them play here.)


>Goats can eat poison ivy!

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