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edited image with name text of three goats leaning through a gate, Rosebud, Ruby, and Blossom (brown with horns, brown without horns, brown with white spots) at the Ohio SPCA Farm Sanctuary
Three goats stand in the doorway of the Ohio SPCA goat barn Farm Sanctuary, Blossom, Ruby, and Rosebud (brown with white spots, brown without horns, brown with horns)
A brown goat with horns (Rosebud) stands against a fence at the Ohio SPCA Farm Sanctuary
A brown and white Nubian goat (Blossom) chews on some hay in the goat barn at the Ohio SPCA Farm Sanctuary

About Ruby, Rosebud, & Blossom

In 2019, we found Ruby skinny, heavily pregnant, and being used to pull a wagon… So of course we took her in. I can confidently say that Ruby is one of the sweetest creatures on Earth. No hyperbole. That’s just how she is. Anyway, when we rescued her in 2019, we gave her a nice heated pen in the garage to have her babies. And out plopped adorable, rambunctious, and too-smart-for-her-own-good Blossom, and Mom’s spitting image, Rosebud.


Three years later, Ruby, Rosebud, and Blossom are still inseparable, despite her daughters being full-grown. Goats are very good mothers; Briefer et al. (2012) found that mother goats consistently respond to their kids’ calls over their lifetimes–even the calls of older kids when mothers had newborns. Mother goats don’t forget their kids, even after they grow up, and that’s true for these three. Ruby loves people. She’s one of the few goats that will warm up to strangers pretty much immediately. She’ll climb up on gates to get up to your height so she can give you kisses! Blossom and Rosebud are sweet, too. From an early age, though, Blossom’s been too smart for her own good… She knows how to open gates! Now, the barn’s door closes from the outside, so there’s no chance of her launching a grand escape off of the property, but sometimes you’ll come in to find one of the inner pens open… And you can be sure who’s to blame.


>Goat mothers recognize their kids by their unique cries--and remember those cries for years!

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