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About Momma & Brandi

Momma & Brandi came to us along with twelve other miniature horses when their owners were no longer physically able to care for all of their minis. We adopted out all twelve minis except for Brandi and Momma, who will live on the Ohio SPCA Farm Sanctuary for the rest of their lives! Momma nd Brandi are both prone to laminitis, aka founder, a type of lameness typically brought on by a diet too high in sugar. Since grass and grain are both high in sugar, Brandi and Momma have a strict, hay-only diet. Horses in general can live very well with no grain at all, and this is especially true for mini horses, who tend to get obese very easily. To keep them from foundering on grass, we keep Momma and Brandi on a “dry lot,” a spot where all the grass has been killed. Momma and Brandi are one of the reasons we spend so much on hay–all of our animals get high-quality hay, of course, but Momma and Brandi especially need to be fed high that is not only high quality, but with the right ratio of sugars and protein, usually first-cut grass hay with minimal to no alfalfa or other high-calorie legumes. And since they don’t get grain or grass, these girls need loads of good quality fresh hay available 24/7, 365. Momma is in her twenties, and Brandi is around twenty herself. In case you couldn’t tell, Momma is Brandi’s Momma :) These two girls love people. They can be a bit rambunctious, especially when it comes time for vaccines or deworming! But all-in-all, they’re good girls. We are lucky to have them.


>People have been breeding miniature horses since the 1600s, when Europeans bred them as pets for royalty!

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