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Jingle, a gray goat with horns (right) and Toast, a brown goat with horns (left, laying down) stand together in the goat barn by a gate while sun hits them Ohio SPCA Farm Sanctuary
Jingle, a gray goat with horns and a visible white beard, stands close to the camera against a blue sky and a pasture at the Ohio SPCA Farm Sanctuary

About Jingle

Jingle (right) and his brother, Noelle (not pictured), were found abandoned in Pike County on Dec 29th, 2018. The Ohio SPCA quickly stepped up to help. Both goats were emaciated. Noel was severely injured. Noel's left hind leg was destroyed from infection eating into the bone. Vets had to amputate! Noelle recovered well and got around just fine on three legs, but sadly passed away a few years later due to a new injury to the amputated leg. Jingle had to live by himself for many years, since he was rough and mean to the other goats, but in 2022 we introduced him to Toast (left), who immediately put him in his place. The two became fast friends. Jingle has always been sweet to humans, but it's nice to see him being kind and gentle to another goat!


>Goats can (and sometimes prefer to) eat thorny plants!

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