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About Jam & Jelly

Jam (no horns) and Jelly (horns) are two Beor brothers who were rescued from someone who just couldn’t take care of them anymore. They are playful goofballs who scream bloody murder if they lose sight of each other for more than a moment. They acclimated to our main herd very, very well and instantly bonded with our big rescue Nubian Snowbaby. They follow him around and try to play with him. He’s a good adoptive dad! Jam is not only friendly, but completely fearless. When strangers come into the goat barn, the goats tend to bunch up in fear until they figure you out. Not Jam, though. He’ll come right up to any stranger and start checking them out for treats, pulling on their clothes (gently) to ask for attention. Jelly is a little more standoffish and skittish, but once he warms up to you, he’s just as sweet and silly as his brother. Jam has had a little crush on Billie since we first got her. She likes him well enough, but not as much as Jam likes her. Sometimes Jam will cry for her if he can’t see her in the herd. She usually ignores him… But that doesn’t stop Jam from taking time out of his day to show her affection, try to play with her, or just check her over to make sure she’s okay. Watch a playlist of Jam and Jelly on YouTube!

Baby Jam and Jelly, two small goats, graze in a pasture next to Danny, the big Clydesdale

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