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Late one evening in April, 2014, members of the Ohio SPCA arrived to help a humane officer in a rural county. We found Daisy laying on the cold, wet ground. She could not get up. Her body temperature was dropping. She was dying. Two Ohio SPCA Response Team members carefully picked up her emaciated body and carried her to the truck. Cushioned and covered with blankets, they rushed Daisy to OSU Veterinary Hospital, where she remained for a month. At the end of May, 2014, after two blood transfusions, antibiotics, and multiple rounds of deworming, Daisy finally left OSU for her permanent home: the Ohio SPCA Farm Sanctuary! Daisy is a unique character. She has her own personal stall in the barn, not because she doesn’t get along with the other goats, not because she’s bullied. She just likes having her own private space. When she wants to play with the other goats or show them affection, it’s on her terms, not theirs. But she loves cookies, bananas, and affection from humans. She and Henry like to play together on occasion. She is the barn’s prima donna for sure.


>Goats have 4 stomachs!

About Daisy

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